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EPV mission is to develop products which provide high quality and ready to use information to customers allowing them to give a better service and save money by improving Performance Analysis, Tuning and Capacity Planning

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EPV Products Suite

The EPV suite of products has been designed to provide a very technical and insightful view for Capacity Planners and System Analysts of Mainframe and Distributed Systems.
Visit our Products page or click any of the links below to learn more.

In addition the EPV SMF2XL tool, designed to greatly increase individual system analysts productivity, is provided.
Click here to download it and start analyzing your SMF data.

The EPV product suite for Distributed systems allows to extend the EPV benefits to all the other systems. It includes:

EPV Business Advantages

HW and SW Savings

Most EPV customers save 10% or more of their total hardware costs resulting in additional savings from reduced software license fees. At many sites it has been possible to eliminate data collection and processing tools, saving both tool license fees (direct costs) and resource usage (indirect costs). At every mainframe site it's possible to move SMF, IMS, z/VM data collection and processing onto a cheaper platform, avoiding the use of precious mainframe resources.

Personnel Cost Savings

Thanks to a completely automatic process, EPV allows performance analysts to save more than 50% of the time needed for problem determination and analysis. 90% of the time dedicated to technical reporting activities can normally be saved thanks to hundreds of ready-made reports which can be easily exported to MS Excel by a single mouse click. EPV embeds the most effective Capacity Management methodologies, providing all the information needed to perform Capacity Planning and Performance Tuning studies in 20% of the time needed before.

Service Improvement

By using automatic statistical analysis, auto discovery techniques and self-adaptive thresholds, EPV provides a proactive approach which allows a quick problem identification before any impact to the business. All problems are automatically categorized and addressed to the appropriate technical groups which can then perform a quick guided analysis by following a predefined path.

Trusted Values

EPV provides metrics that are considered by all our customers to be “trusted values”. Every meeting and discussion about technical issues is based on these numbers thus avoiding any misunderstanding and conflict and greatly improving productivity. EPV pages are accessible by all the technical teams by just using a standard browser.

Self-Training of Staff

EPV provides help screens for every single report and it's an excellent self-education tool. EPV has so many years of experience and knowledge embedded in it that that you don't need to buy in expensive external skills anymore.

Unmatched Quality/Price

EPV adopts a 'fair pricing' policy based on a one time license fee, related to the number of analyzed systems, independent of either installed or used capacity. The first year includes the standard warranty. After that the only cost is maintenance. EPV consultants are always available to customers through our remote support service. Whether to solve problems, provide technical and methodological advices, even if these issues are not product related.