EPV Technologies
  • HW and SW <strong>Savings</strong>

Most of EPV customers save 10% or more of their total <strong>hardware</strong> costs, getting further savings from reduced <strong>software</strong> license fees.
At many <bold>mainframe</bold> sites it has been possible to eliminate unneeded <bold>SMF</bold> data collection and processing tools, saving both tool license fees (direct costs) and resource usage (indirect costs).
At every <strong>mainframe</strong> site it’s possible to move<strong> SMF</strong>, <strong>IMS</strong> and <strong>z/VM</strong> data collection and processing on a cheaper platform, avoiding to use precious mainframe resources.
  • Personnel Cost Savings

90% of the time dedicated to reporting activities can be saved thanks to hundredths of ready made reports that can be exported to MS <strong>Excel</strong> just by a single mouse click.
EPV provides help screens for each single report and it’s an excellent self-education tool.
EPV has so many years of experience and knowledge embedded in it that that you don’t need to buy in expensive external skills anymore.
  • Unmatched Quality/Price
EPV adopts a ‘fair pricing’ policy based on a one time license fee, related to the number of analyzed <bold>systems</bold>, independent from both installed and used <bold>capacity</bold>.
After the first year, which is the standard warranty period, the only cost is the maintenance fee.
EPV consultants are always available to customers, through our remote support service, to solve problems, provide technical and methodological advices, also if not products related.
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